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How to make strong and persuasive arguments for your paper- Follow these tips

Persuasive or argumentative writing makes use of logical reasoning to demonstrate how one’s idea is more valid than the others. It helps to convince the particular readers to take specific action or agree to a particular point of view. Hence it should be based on valid evidence and reasons that refer to some factual data,  essay writing service expert findings, and existing research results.

First and foremost, the thing while writing an argumentative essay is to compose a well-structured essay. Persuasive essays help you to express your argument in a way that is not able to be refuted. These essays usually have a simple format. Some of the elements of persuasive essays are given below


To grab the reader’s attention, you need to present a “Hook” at the start. After this, you are required to present your thesis statement which is a clear statement, and which gives the reader a clear idea of what you will argue and what you are convincing the readers for.

Body paragraph

You will have three body paragraphs in five-paragraph essays, whereas in other essays to make your argument you can have an unlimited number of paragraphs according to your need. Moreover, it should be kept into consideration that everybody’s paragraph must focus on its core idea, and along with its main idea you are required to support it with evidence.


At this point, you sum up your whole argument along with the evidence. It is more of an overall summary given to your readers. The conclusion must attract emotions, and it should expand the significance of your initial idea in a broader context. The main purpose should be to persuade your readers to think out of the box and end with a call to action. When you complete your task don’t forget to Get it checked from an online paper writing service that assures the paper is of the highest quality and free of errors.

Tips to make strong arguments

Apart from the overall structure, while writing an argumentative essay it is very important to have skills to convince others and are valuable for any field. Strong arguments within your paper would make you consider an issue from different angles and may lead to a change in your mind regarding the particular matter. Expert essay writer would suggest that the most impressive texts are those in which the author identifies the particular issue or idea and emphasize it with valid and logical reasons

While writing such a piece of academic writing, everyone presents their opinion or point of view regarding a particular issue; however, you must be capable of identifying your stance and defending your opinion appropriately. Argumentative writing techniques help an individual essay writer to remain consistent throughout and effectively elaborate their particular ideas. Hence you must know the tips and tricks on how to make strong and persuasive arguments while writing your paper.

In this article, we are going to explore such tips and how to implement them to make strong arguments that would grab the reader’s attention and get convinced.

Preplan your writing

Planning is the most important part considered while the academic writing process. It is the first and foremost part that will provide a comprehensive framework for your paper. you need to plan on how you are going to structure your essay. The overall structure of your essay plays an important role in how well you are going to deliver your ideas to persuade the readers. For example, your paper would consist of three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. At the end of the introduction, you would state the thesis statement that you are going to prove. Likewise, each paragraph would present a unique argument. If your paper lacks a proper structure, the readers would get confused from the beginning and would not be able to find out what is the main point under consideration.

Target your audience

It is very important to determine your audience before start writing your paper. based on your target audience you are going to make arguments. For example, if you are writing a paper related to the health care you must quote and cite references that are medically based. In that way you would be able to convey your idea accordingly

Use different persuasive techniques

Making persuasive arguments is not easy to adopt. Some individuals may master the skill in a short period; however, most of them would take longer to master the techniques to become an excellent essay writer.

Use of rhetorical devices to make the argument

Pathos, logo, and authors are the devices mostly used in argumentative essays to make the arguments more persuasive. The first one which is Pathos is related to emotions, the second one is linked with logic provided by you to support the argument, and the last one, authors, is linked to credibility. The use of these three devices plays a vital role to develop a strong argument.


Continue to inform your audience about your thesis. You should keep repeating the thesis in different ways and tones until they understand the argument you’re attempting to make towards the end of the essay. The argument becomes more persuasive as the focus on the same topic is repeated.

Social Validation

make sure to include quotations. By incorporating “Quotations,” you’ll show that you’re not the only one who thinks this way. Furthermore, it will communicate to your readers that to accommodate into society, they must also consider your point of view.

Acknowledge, and refute, arguments against you

It is critical to devote most of the essay to your own argument. Furthermore, you must present and be prepared to defend any points raised against your reasoning. To put it another way, create counterarguments about the matter at hand. You can only defend your theory if you can disapprove of it and see the counterarguments.

The aforementioned tips should be considered while writing argumentative papers Still if you feel difficult to make persuasive arguments in essay writing task you can place your order an essay writer online where your requests of “write my paper” are fulfilled

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